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  • Resistance to high temperature
    GKQP - B new air cannons combining advanced foreign technology developed by our company is a new type of high temperature resistant, high impact of a new generation of air cannon. A bunker in high tem
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  • KQP - b-type air cannons
    Air cannons (also called air to flow or air) is to prevent and eliminate various types of bunker, hopper, piping crotch and chute, slip slope drawslope block field dedicated devices. For steel, concr
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  • The air cannon can solve your silo shed and blocking problem
  • To buy the best air cannon at the best price
  • Air cannon quality and after-sales service is guaranteed
  • Zhongshi Group focused on the manufacture of air cannon for 30 years, is the first batch of
    special equipment manufacturers to obtain a license to manufacture enterprises
  • We have an annual production capacity of 28000 sets of air cannon automatic production line,
    to give you the most favorable price, the fastest delivery speed;
  • We have a sound ISO9001 quality management system,
    strict product quality control and technical tracking service;
  • We have a number of air cannon national patent technology;
  • Zhongshi Group air cannon supply domestic major oil fields, chemical, cement plants, power plants, steel mills, coal mines and chemical fertilizer plant, etc.,
  • Including Sinopec, PetroChina, Datang, Guodian, Zoomlion, Wuhan,
    Anyang, ChiaTai and other large state-owned enterprises
  • We have 30 people 30 years experience of engineers, for you to solve different silo of different material shed blocking problems
  • Our air cannon are tested by experiment and monitored by the national quality inspection department.
  • We provide on-site technical guidance and services wherever and whenever;
  • Our team performs 365x7x24's immediate response to the service principle;
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